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Welcome on the island! The Game will begin! First Week!
Come and play as a character of total drama island, come and participate in challenges to win and avoid getting eliminated. Try to win the game!

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Embodies your favorite character, do your presentation, and incorporate a team. Try to win with your team the challenges of the week! To avoid going to the Camp fire and maybe be eliminated.

There will be games once a week!
Arrow The losing team will eliminate one of the contestants at the Camp Fire! [So tell me who won't be eliminates in a private message sent to the admin.] The Fire camp will be during the Weekend only!

:arrow:There is also Immunity points to avoid being eliminated by earning them! 200 Points = One Immunity. You can earn them by role playing with other contestants!

Arrow The eliminated contestants can be present at the aftermath show, and can only make RP on the Playa de Loosers!

TDRI is an alternate universe Total Drama roleplay. Starting with Total Drama Revenge of the Island, a mixture of canon and original characters will participate in a series of challenges to try and win the cash prize and the coveted title of Winner. As the site is alternate universe, canon contestants that don't appear until later seasons are free to participate in the earlier seasons, or participate in seasons which they otherwise wouldn't have. Both canon and original characters have equal opportunity to participate in each season.

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